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A Curriculum for Excellence promotes the development of our young people as successful learners, confident individuals, effective communicators and responsible citizens. Central to this is the importance of developing pupils’ literacy skills to equip our young people with the capacity to confidently meet the challenges of a changing world. Developing the reading skills of our young people, together with the development of writing, listening and talking will enhance pupil confidence in meeting the challenges presented by the formal curriculum and beyond.

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At Langholm Primary we emphasise early reading development. The main programme which is used in the early years is the Oxford Reading Tree. This programme develops skills for reading in the context of interesting and amusing stories. It develops both the skills necessary for reading and accuracy, and reading comprehension. We use a wide range of reading materials in class – fiction, non-fiction, drama, poetry, plays etc. We also encourage children to read for pleasure and classes regularly visit the school library. We are very excited to be shortly introducing our new reading programme Accelerated Reading across first and second level.

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Children have plenty of opportunity to develop their writing skills across all curricular areas. In the early years imaginative writing will focus on simple sentences, stories and poems. Spelling forms part of the weekly homework and we teach the children how to use correct punctuation and language structure. Neat handwriting is also encouraged. As pupils progress through the school they learn other writing skills such as report writing, letter writing and summarising.

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Skills in listening and talking are developed across all curricular areas, and through activities such as circle time, committee meetings, offering opinions in class, giving class talks and public performances.