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Cluster Head Teacher Ms Lindsay Brown

Born in Edinburgh, Ms Brown has been educated in Scotland and England, most recently completing an MSc in Educational Leadership at University of Stirling. Ms Brown is committed to leading our Cluster schools, raising the attainment of all our children and young people and ensuring that their education and care are of the highest standard.

Ms Brown was appointed as Headteacher of our Cluster schools in January 2016

Ms Brown is responsible for:

Leadership of the Cluster

Whole School Policy

Curriculum for Excellence

Learning and Teaching

Cluster Staffing

Parent Councils

lindsay brown main

Acting Principal teacher of Pupil Support Mrs Zoe Brown

Mrs Brown is responsible for S1-S3

Zoe Brown

Depute Head Teacher Mr John McFadyen

Mr McFadyen is responibile for S4-S6

john mcfadyen

Religious Observance and Assemblies
Cluster Pupil and Personal Support
Cluster Professional Learning
Community Learning and Development

School Support Manager Ms Karen Storey

Ms Storey is responsible for SQA
Absence Cover
Property Management
Finance Regulations
Health and Safety
Cluster Website/Publications

storey karen 991