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Light and Sound

P6/7 will be learning all about Light and Sound during Term 2. Here are the experiences and outcomes that will be covered:

Light and Sound


Bundle: 4

By considering examples where energy is conserved, I can identify the energy source, how it is transferred and ways of reducing wasted energy. SCN 2-04a

Through exploring nonrenewable energy sources, I can describe how they are used in Scotland today and express an informed view on the implications for their future use. SCN 2-04b

I can investigate the use and development of renewable and sustainable energy to gain an awareness of their growing importance in Scotland or beyond. TCH 2-02b

Through research on how animals communicate, I can explain how sound vibrations are carried by waves through air, water and other media. SCN 2-11a

By exploring reflections, the formation of shadows and the mixing of coloured lights, I can use my knowledge of the properties of light to show how it can be used in a creative way. SCN 2-11b

I have used a range of electrical components to help to make a variety of circuits for differing purposes. I car represent my circuit using symbols and describe the transfer of energy around the circuit. SCN 2-09a

To begin to understand how batteries work, I can help to build simple chemical cells using readily-available materials which can be used to make an appliance work. SCN 2-10a


Bundle 2 inc. 9:

Construction inc. Env. Sustainability

Having analysed how lifestyle can impact on the environment and Earth’s resources, I can make suggestions about how to live in a more sustainable way. TCH 2-02a

By applying my knowledge and skills of science and mathematics, I can engineer 3D objects which demonstrate strengthening, energy transfer and movement. TCH 2-12a

During practical activities and design challenges, I can estimate and measure using appropriate instruments and units. TCH 2-13a

Through discovery and imagination, I can develop and use problem solving strategies to construct models. TCH 2-14a

Having evaluated my work, I can adapt and improve, where appropriate, through trial and error or by using feedback. TCH 2-14b

Possible Significant Aspects for Learning from Progression Framework:


  1. I can explore and describe energy and energy transfer.
  2. I can make a variety of electrical circuits and describe energy transfer.