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the body

The Body

P6/7 will be learning all about 'The Body' during Term 1. Here are the experiences and outcomes that will be covered:

The Body

Second Level


By investigating some body systems and potential problems which they may develop, I can make informed decisions to help me to maintain my health and wellbeing. SCN 2-12a

I have explored the structure and function of sensory organs to develop my understanding of body actions in response to outside conditions. SCN 2-12b

I have collaborated in activities which safely demonstrate simple chemical reactions using everyday chemicals. I can show an appreciation of a chemical reaction as being a change in which different materials are made. SCN 2-19a


I explore and experiment with the features and functions of computer technology and I can use what I learn to support and enhance my learning in different contexts. TCH 2-04a

I can create, capture and manipulate sounds, texts and images to communicate experiences, ideas and information in creative and engaging ways. TCH 2-04b

I can use drawing techniques, manually or electronically, to represent objects or ideas, enhancing them using effects such as light, shadow and textures. TCH 2-15a

Throughout my learning, I experiment with the use of colour to develop an awareness of the effects and impacts it can have. TCH 2-15b

Possible Significant Aspects for Learning from Progression Framework:


  1. I can name the skeleton and major organs and can describe their function.
  1. I can identify when a chemical reaction has taken place.